Bring Me The Horizon – Live Review – 3/12/14

Having gone from strength to strength at a frighteningly quick pace in the last four years, Bring Me The Horizon make their highly-anticipated sold out Wembley Arena debut on Friday night, hot on the heels of their latest single Drown. This comes after the release of their seminal album Sempiternal early last year, an album I still can’t stop listening to nearly two years later. So, when they announced this past Sunday night they would be playing an intimate warm up show at Camden’s Underworld two days before, I was sat by my laptop refreshing TicketMaster for a good hour. Shockingly, I was one of the few hundred to manage to bag tickets for this exclusive event. With expectations of mayhem and more than a few beads of sweat, here’s how it all went down.

Sold Out!

Straight out of the gate, the band whip up the crowd with a pummeling rendition of Shadow Moses as vocalist Oli Sykes shows just how you get an audience in the palm of your hand, and he’s ready to squeeze. The band are on top form, and showing us just why they deserve to be headlining Wembley this Friday night.

The room is packed as tight as possible with the 500 rabid fans all pushing for the best possible view, it’s clear the band are here to make sure the Underworld gets destroyed by the time the night is through. Repeated cries telling the audience to pull down the walls and ‘kill each other’ seem to go down a storm, with the majority of the room turning into a tornado of energy and aggression.

The set is pulled mostly from their latest effort Sempiternal, but it’s the surprise appearance of ex-guitarist Curtis Ward that gets the best response of the night, aiding the band in their performance of Pray For Plagues for the first time in three years. It’s a moment few are likely to forget, seeing a band at the top of their game honoring their roots in both venue and song choice.

However, if I was to choose a personal favourite moment from this evening, it would have to be the inclusion of Alligator Blood, pulled from their third effort There Is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It, There Is A Heaven, Let’s Keep It A Secret. The song sounds better than ever, and the chorus is as infectious as anything you’ll hear on the radio today.

Bring Me The Horizon truly are at the top of their game, too. Despite a few hiccups on older material, Sykes is a demon throughout the set, climbing onto the crowd barriers, offering fans a high five if they crowd surf to him. Ontop of that, his vocals have finally allowed him some breathing room on the newer, softer material. His clean vocals have improved tenfold, and the show is just that much stronger because of it. The guitars cut straight through the mix, and every song sounds as heavy as ever, some of it even more so.

There was a time where Bring Me The Horizon were almost considered a joke band. But tonight, the boys have proved that through blood and sweat, they’ve carved a place for themselves among the greatest bands to come out of this country. People at Wembley are in for a real treat.


Shadow Moses

Go To Hell, For Heaven’s Sake

The House Of Wolves

Diamonds Aren’t Forever

It Never Ends

And The Snakes Start To Sing

Alligator Blood

Empire (Let Them Sing)

Chelsea Smile

Pray For Plagues

Blessed With A Curse



Hospital For Souls


Can You Feel My Heart

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