It Came From Netflix Vol. 2 – Vi är bäst!

Welcome back to my (I promise!) now regular series, It Came From Netflix. This week, I was given the number 6 by the random number generator. Now, at first I landed on 24, but I feel that as it’s a TV Series I won’t be able to give it a fair critique by only watching 90 minutes of it. If I do land on a series and feel I would be able, I will do a minimum of four episodes and give opinions based on that. But as I say, I rerolled with a 6, and ended up on The Godfather. Imagine my elation. However, I’ve seen The Godfather many times, so it was out. Finally, I tried once more. I finally found a film.

Vi är bäst!

(We Are The Best!)


Director: Lukas Moodysson

Writers: Lukas Moodysson, Coco Moodysson

Starring: Mira Barkhammar, Mira Grosin, Liv LeMoyne

We Are The Best! Is a Swedish drama from 2013 adapted from the graphic novel Never Goodnight, about three young girls living in Stockholm who decide to form a punk band in order to rebel against boys, their parents and teachers. Along the way, they experience love, anger and everything inbetween.

When I started We Are The Best!, all I had seen was the Netflix synopsis. This wasn’t a great start, as it sells it as yet another, ten a penny coming of age drama with some punk sensibilities thrown in. However, what you get is so much more. What you get is a beautifully moving, sincere, relatable story about three girls just trying to do what they love. Straight away you’re pulled in by the wonderful performance of Mira Barkhammar as Bobo, a character who whilst fairly unlikable at times, has the most relatable story of all throughout this 100 minute adventure. However, I feel it would be unfair not to mention that for me, the standout performance from the piece comes easily from Liv LeMoyne. This isn’t easy, as all three child actors portray their characters with perfection, and by the time I finished the film, I felt I knew them all so well. The mix of the characters beliefs and ethics really gel together so well, from Hedvig’s (LeMoyne) religious views to Klara’s (Grosin) unflinching punk attitude.


The film has a very cold, drab feel to it, but somehow that doesn’t stop it from being full of life and love. Colours here are washed out, yet still vibrant and true, and the (very fitting) punk soundtrack compliments preceedings very well, although I felt some of the lyrical content wasn’t quite befitting of the situations at a few times. However, this could just be due to the fact I was reading the lyrics on the screen at the time, and this is really just nitpicking. Camera work here is also top notch, with a beautiful documentary-style feel to the movements we take as an audience.


The real attraction here however is just how relatable and personal the feel of the piece is. Throughout, I was reminded of real life situations. The writing captures awkward family moments perfectly, as well as the excitement of new relationships and young enthusiasm. It’s so charming, and the way the actors work just make you care completely. The eclectic mix of supporting characters here also shines through, from Bobo’s promiscuous single mother to Klara’s eccentric family, every single one of them fleshed out to the point where they could star themselves. The film’s punk sensibilities prevail throughout, as the girls find a way to make everything they do related to their beloved lifestyle.

In summary, We Are The Best! Is one of the best films I’ve seen in a very long time. It’s charming, moving and full of youthful energy. It’s a piece that gives us all the determination to do what we want, and keep on doing it until we succeed. And if we don’t, well we had some fun along the way. I was left with a feeling of elation, and Netflix proved it can give me something superb when it wants to.


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