Black Peaks – Live Review – 6/5/15

Up and coming Brighton quartet Black Peaks hit the boiler room for a one off headline show amidst their tour with Arcane Roots last night, and as someone unfamiliar with the band’s work, I was intrigued to hear what the boys had to offer. Having heard so much praise from a bunch of people, I decided to take a chance and head on down to see just what I’d been missing all this time.

Starting the night off with a bang are the (anything but) Quiet Lions. Make no mistake, Quiet Lions hit the stage like the finished article. Also hailing from Brighton, the band are tight and precise, melding carefully crafted four way harmonies with passion, the boys look like they could have been headlining the night, even with the sun still setting outside the venue. Undeniably more intense in a live setting, the incredibly impressive indie four piece harbour promise rarely seen in a band so low down a the bill of a small show. Not only were the band proficient and impressive, the songs just simply sounded fantastic. Big choruses and a unique sound, Quiet Lions are a group you need to keep your eye on. 8/10

Quiet Lions - Guildford Boileroom

From the good to the outright astonishing, Broker may as well have begun their set by dropping a bomb in the middle of the venue. For the next 30 minutes, the franticly ferocious trio treated the crowd of the Boileroom to their own unique brand of anarchy, with scattered riffs and incredibly precise timings all over the place, this was extremely unexpected. Baby Godzilla-esque in both sound and delivery, the band captivated the audience and drew in each and everyone in attendance. With harshly screamed vocals, chaotic riffs and a singer that reminds me a bit of Rivers Cuomo, Broker upped the ante in ways I didn’t think were possible. Check them out, if you’re a fan of being smacked around the face. 8.5/10

Broker - Guildford Boileroom

And last but certainly not least, Black Peaks. As I said before, I hadn’t really heard anything by Black Peaks before today. I took a chance, going on good word alone. Well, I wasn’t disappointed. Not a by long shot. Make no mistake, Black Peaks are going to be massive. The band meld Deftones, Tesseract and straight up hardcore to a point where it all works so beautifully, despite the clash of interests. Live, the band are an absolute powerhouse, getting the strongest reaction from the Boileroom I’ve seen since for a very long time. Singalongs galore, the band are crushingly heavy in a live enviroment. Vocalist Will Gardner deserves special mention for having some of the strongest screaming abilities I have ever seen on stage, and the sound the rest of the band have is almost too good to describe. Simply, you have to get to a show and see it yourself. To top it all off, the band introduced Reuben vocalist Jamie Lenman to the stage to perform a song with them toward the end of their set, making the night more than just another gig. Any description I give just isn’t doing them justice, Black Peaks are poised to go stratospheric, and their show at the Boileroom will go down as one of the best I have ever seen. 9/10

Black Peaks - Guildford Boileroom

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