Creeper – The Callous Heart – E.P. Review

It’s an absolute pleasure to say that in 2015, Creeper are a band with a mere two E.P.’s, that are poised ready at the brink of total nationwide domination, and shortly after signing a record deal with Roadrunner Records, have taken the live scene by storm, as well as justifying the hype with their superb self titled E.P. Creeper’s fanbase is already a well and truly justified quantity, with their merchandise popping up throughout shows in the UK already, not to mention the hordes of media outlets frothing at the mouth at the prospect of the band’s imminent popularity. This past weekend saw the release of their second E.P., The Callous Heart. As someone who would consider themselves a big fan of the band already, I’ve had a few days to truly soak up the release, and now, I will present my feelings to you.


The Callous Heart

the callous heart

1. Black Cloud

2. The Honeymoon Suite

3. Allergies

4. Lie Awake

5. Henley’s Ghost

Beginning with Black Cloud, the band’s mission statement is clear; provide the listener with a collection of dangerously catchy, infectious gothic punk rock. The real star of this track is vocalist Will Gould, whose voice pierces the ambience with such clarity that it’s impossible to ignore his immense talent. Like an already well oiled machine, Black Cloud is a punk anthem that sits comfortably with the rest of Creeper’s best work.

However, the song pales in comparison to lead single The Honeymoon Suite, an energetic pop punk masterpiece that truly encompasses every element of Creeper’s Misfits inspired sound. A chorus that’ll stick around in your mind for months, The Honeymoon Suite WILL become a club night staple for years to come. Infectious riffs just force this song into the back of your mind, really highlighting the deceptive simplicity of the whole E.P., a trend that continues throughout. Allergies is a shout- along slice of horror punk wonder, with a much stronger, latter day My Chemical Romance vibe to it. The track’s chorus melody is wonderful, and sure to take listeners by surprise on first, second and third listen.

First single Lie Awake is another clear stand out, with gang vocals reinforcing an already thick soundscape accomplished by the band, with another chorus that threatens to bang away at your (and certainly my) head for a very, very long time. The band’s dabbles into the clean, softer territory cropping up throughout the song make for an incredibly interesting listen. Ringing out the track with rasped, grit-tinged vocals, the song is outright perfect. Closing out the album with the ambitious Henley’s Ghost works in all the right places, with beautiful piano melodies paired with arpeggio guitars accompanying the song’s verses, it’s by the far the most out-there track on the E.P., but once again yet another incredibly interesting piece that only matures with each listen.

Let’s be honest, Creeper are a name that very soon, you will not be able to escape. Their impeccable sense of melody, variety and ability to just write some damn good songs shine through any amount of generic, industry assembled sludge storming the mainstream rock and metal scene today, and that’s a real rarity. The band’s accessible mix of Art Of Drowning-era AFI and latter day My Chemical Romance make for a sound that’s impossible not to adore. This small Southampton band is ready for big things, and that’s something I welcome with open arms.


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