Catch Up Club Vol. 1 – BFMV, Motorhead & Miss May I

As many of you know, there are a LOT of albums released over a year. Far too many for one person to listen to and meticulously review track by track for every single one that peaks one’s interest. So, I have decided to include a monthly feature on this blog, one I call Catch Up Club. In C.U.C, I will be looking back at albums I didn’t have time to write full reviews for, albums I haven’t given enough time for a full review, or maybe just music I wasn’t as interested in at the time of release. However, there will be albums left off this list for the purposes of end of year lists, and some albums I plan on writing a retrospective for in the future. So, first up…

Bullet For My Valentine – Venom

After their tepidly received Temper Temper was released to the world back in 2013, Bullet’s comeback has been somewhat of a non-event. Touting Venom as their best, most interesting material to date seems to have backfired for BFMV. Nonetheless, the band are still adamant they are striving for that elusive festival headline slot. Unfortunately for them, Venom is not quite the album that will help them elevate to that level. Had this album been released back in 2013, the band may well have been ready for those slots. The album is strong, with a much heavier emphasis on the band’s older sound, incorporating much more screamed vocals and down tuned guitars, and the record certainly has its moments. No Way Out showcases the band at their best, and really serves to prove that BFMV haven’t lost touch with their audience just yet, ever waning as it may be. Army Of Noise is a high octane, no-holds-barred four minute rollercoaster, the album’s title track is a particular stand out. The problem is, the album just goes on forever. At something like 15 tracks on the Deluxe Edition, the record far outstays its welcome, and the music loses soul the longer it plods itself out. If you’re already a fan, this may well be the return you’ve been dreaming of for BFMV, but for those indifferent like myself, this definitely won’t be changing your mind. 6/10


Motorhead – Bad Magic

Given Lemmy’s recent health issues, I was concerned that Bad Magic would be an unfortunate, depressing listen. However, I’m delighted to report that is certainly not the case. The album rips along exactly as you would expect from a Motorhead record in 2015, and in all honesty, it may be my favourite of their more contemporary albums. Opening track Victory Or Die is the only statement Motorhead need to make, and from the outset it’s clear that Lemmy ain’t going quietly. How a band of this age can still write a song as groovy and ferocious as Teach Them How To Bleed, I will never know. But honestly, what more can I say? This is a Motorhead record, through and through. No tricks here. The band sound just as fast and furious as they always did, and there’s certainly nothing bad about the magic here. 8/10

 Miss May I – Deathless

A band I initially knew very little about, Deathless is an almost not unlike bands such as While She Sleeps, Bury Tomorrow and Killswitch Engage. The whole album has a distinctly ‘metal’ groove to it, clicking along at a good pace and features just enough tracks to stay engaging throughout. Opening track H.E is a particular stand out, with a riff poised to slap the listener straight in the face with its balls out heavy metal crush. Is it something you’ve heard before? Definitely. However, it’s just nice to sit down with an album that does exactly what is says on the tin: Balls out, strong heavy metal that hooks the listener and refuses to let go. 7/10

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