Mutoid Man – Live Review – 20/10/15

Featuring members of Hardcore legends Converge and Cave In; Mutoid Man are an amalgamation of everything you people should be slathering over right now. Doom-laden catchy riffs, frantic instrumentation and huge choruses for days, the boys are a tightly oiled heavy metal machine. Never one to miss an opportunity, I got myself to their show at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds to check it out for myself.

Starting the night, False Flags put on a good show to kick off proceedings. A barrage of pure hardcore channelled adrenaline, the technical proficiency on show is impressive as they pummel the crowd throughout their ultimately short but sweet thirty minute set. Whilst the music played could be argued as a little generic, there is a craftsmanship here that simply cannot be denied. 7/10

You know me, guys. It’s basically pointless reviewing Palm Reader, but sod it, I’ll do it anyway. Within their short thirty minute set, the band showcase a mix of pure ferocity and white hot rage, ripping through each song at a pace few bands could even attempt to keep up with. The vocals are rough, scratchy and incredibly pleasing to the ear, with the musical mayhem thrown around behind them creating the perfect audible equivalent of being smashed around the face with a brick (in the nicest possible sense). The fact that the room is as full as it is at the time is a crime, because Palm Reader deserve to hit the biggest stages that could possibly be built. 9/10

Palm Reader - Leeds Brudenell


Finishing off the night in blistering style, headliners Mutoid Man put on a blinding performance, loaded to burst with an abundance of rock and roll, levity and straight up good fun. The powerhouse trio were on a mission that night, and their own unique blend of bouncy riffs and infectious choruses made it even harder to resist becoming completely and utterly lost in their thick wall of sound. Whilst the sound in the venue wasn’t something to write home about, the band managed to overcome technical issues and take the crown that evening, blowing every single mind in the venue. The musical ability of each member was truly mesmerising, with special mention being thrown to Converge’s Ben Koller, who could have entertained the room with his skills behind the kit alone. As the band finished their set, it was clear that Mutoid Man had arrived with one thing in mind: Tear Leeds a new asshole. Needless to say, they were successful in their endeavour. 9/10

Mutoid Man - Leeds Brudenell

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