THE HELL – Live Review – 13/11/15

Nearly a year after their last appearance at the Boileroom, Dapper Laughs bothering The Hell are back to cause havoc on Friday the 13th, flanked once again by the downright absurd Flesh Trench and newcomers  Screech Bats

**Lack Of Photos Due To A Really Shit Phone That Doesn’t Last Four Hours, Please Enjoy The Hell’s Image Of Their Iconic Wembley Performance**

Getting the night off to a good start are Screech Bats, who proudly proclaim that tonight is their very first show, and it has to be said the girls put on a good show, despite a few minor teething problems.  The band shows promise, with a selection of relatively memorable pop-rock numbers that provide a stark contrast to the rest of the material on display tonight. Whilst the performance quality is high, one criticism that cannot be ignored is the technique employed on vocals, one that clearly causes strain to the singer and unfortunately causes the whole sound to suffer. Adopting a clean vocal might work in favour here, rather than a more raspy sound. Nonetheless, the band are extremely new to the game, and deserve every bit of applause they’re awarded. Some more work ,and I’m fairly confident Screech Bats could be great.

I honestly don’t know what to say about Flesh Trench this time around, other than that I’ve decided to abolish giving a score at the end of a band’s review after this set. The set was, once again, one of the most entertaining things I’ve ever seen, and to say it isn’t a stand out for set of the year would be criminally overlooking things. Sure, musically Flesh Trench are a garbled mix of noise and screeched vocals, but there is so much more to be said for the band’s performance and stage antics. From hyper-sexual German ring leaders to on stage lap dances, the show is every bit as mesmerising as last time and then some, turning into some weird, erotically charged stage show than musical performance. I had a bad feeling that the band wouldn’t be able to win me over with the same kind of set twice, but oh was I wrong, and from the faces of everybody in that room, I wasn’t alone. I look forward to my next engagement with Flesh Trench.

Well, tonight marks my fourth time seeing The Hell this year, and I’m incredibly glad to report that the live show has lost none of its lustre. You would imagine being called a dick so many times in the space of a year would be tantamount to harassment, but for me and everybody else at the Boileroom, that’s not a possibility. The Hell fly through their 40 minute set filled with profanity, ferocity and brutality. The crowd are treated to the usual selection of tracks, a mix of their debut album and previous work, Groovehammer, leading to the small criticism of the lack of songs from their brand new Brutopia, released just two weeks ago. Whilst there were still three tracks from the album played, I for one wouldn’t mind dropping one or two from Groovehammer in exchange for a few more recent songs. Regardless, by the end of the set closer Everybody Dies the need for a more diverse setlist feels almost redundant, as bodies fly overhead and throughout the pit, priority number one becomes ‘do not get a guitar to the face’. A perfect band for a Friday night after a long day, get drunk, go see The Hell. You dick.

Catch THE HELL at one of their upcoming shows

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