Tigercub – Live Review – 26/11/15

The day before the release of their brand new E.P. Repressed Semantics, Brighton three piece Tigercub play the penultimate show of their debut headline tour at The Boileroom in Guildford. I went down to see if Venn Records’ latest darlings have the potential to overtake some of their biggest acts, and check out even more local talent.

First to hit the stage are newcomers Desmerelda, getting the evening off to a strong start with their desert-tinged indie rock sound. The boys may look young, but the polished sound coming from the stage sounded like anything but a band in their infancy, treating the criminally small crowd to a charismatic, personality-laden set of straight up rock and roll.

Desmerelda - Boileroom #2

Hercules Morse put on a fine performance for the Boileroom, but unfortunately didn’t really manage to do much else. The set was tight, sounded decent, stage banter was enjoyable and for all intents and purposes, the band were giving it their absolute everything. It might well be that the guys in Hercules Morse were given a harder set, sandwiched between absolute stand outs, but tonight the show they delivered was a strong, albeit generic one. Catch them on a better day and the band may shine, but sadly this wasn’t one of those days.

Hercules Morse - Boileroom #2

Punk-rock four piece Muskets deliver a intense thirty minutes of pure energy, bassist flying around the room throughout their set and turning the small stage into his own personal stomping ground. Taking cues from everything between Nirvana and Gnarwolves, the show absolutely flew past, surpassing everything the evening had presented thus far.

Muskets - Boileroom #2

The biggest surprise of the evening undoubtedly goes to Youth Man, a three piece from Birmingham who quite frankly fit in as well as an onion in a fruit bowl, but in the absolute best way possible. Bringing the night further from the more punk/indie centered music we’ve been given so far to a much more hardcore, frantic pace. Repeated beer spilling, Dillinger Escape Plan vocals and intensity drive a blindingly ferocious set, admittedly one I may not have been expecting, but one I welcomed with open arms.

Youth Man - #2

Last but certainly not least, Tigercub put on an absolutely stellar performance, with their unique noise-pop/Queens Of The Stone Age-inpsired blend of rock creating an immeasurably huge wall of sound throughout the venue. Despite the bands small amount of material, the boys bashed out a perfectly timed set, filled with slower, more contemplative pieces to outright ragers.

Tigercub - Boileroom #3

The day before the release of their latest E.P., the material showcased here doesn’t show a band that plays small venues, so don’t expect to see Tigercub playing shows this small anytime soon, and that’s a great thing. But for those of us privileged enough to witness tonight’s action, it’s not something that’s going to be forgotten in a hurry.

Tigercub’s new E.P. Repressed Semantics is out now on Venn Records.

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