The Best Of 2000 Trees – Thursday

With it’s tenth year fast approaching, 2000 Trees have put together one of the finest line-ups of any UK festival this summer. But with so many great additions, how do you know which bands you must see, which bands put on the best show, which bands you need to check out before you leave Thursday morning? I’ve put together a comprehensive guide to both recommend and review (slag off, once or twice..) the very best of the bands on the bill. So, without further adieu, let’s get on with what Thursday has to offer for all you VIP Ticket holders. Here are the five most essential bands you need to check out this Thursday!


** Band Times Will Be Updated Once Made Available**


Milk Teeth –The Cave

The first of many young up and comers on these lists, Milk Teeth are the first band of the weekend that could be confidently singled out for set of the festival material, much like they were back at Download Festival in June. For fans of Superheaven & Nirvana with touches of Marmozets and more, watch out for this Bristol based alt-rock set of fireworks blowing up The Cave early this Thursday afternoon. For a quick reference, check out their latest record Vile Child, a moody, heartfelt collection of sleazy punk rock.


Black Peaks – The Cave + The Forest

It may feel like every other day I’m preaching about Black Peaks, but this band are destined for colossal greatness. Hailing from Brighton, the four piece meld everything from Deftones to Muse, with lashings of Radiohead thrown in for good measure. Yet another band to steal hearts at Download last month, you lucky lot are given the choice of experiencing the group’s full blown live show, or a more intimate, acoustic taste of their sounds over on The Forest Stage later on in the day. Whichever you choose is up to you, but make sure you catch at least one of these ‘I Was There’ moments this weekend.


The XCerts – The Cave + The Forest (Friday)

Pulling their sound from up and down the United Kingdom, The Xcerts promise to deliver an emotionally charged set of personal rock music this Thursday. Sharing musical equivalence with Scottish brothers Twin Atlantic & bands like Hundred Reasons, the band rose to prominence back in 2014 with their achingly tender release There Is Only You. This heartfelt three piece are sure to walk away from 2000 Trees with more than a handful more fans than they walked in with, be it with their set in The Cave or their acoustic performance in The Forest.


And So I Watch You From Afar – The Cave

Something a little different to bridge the gap, Irish instrumental hard-rock four piece And So I Watch You From Afar are sure to deliver a laid back, more calculated approach to the kind of music you’ll be hearing throughout your time at 2000 Trees. With elements of electronica and schitzophrenic hard rock, And So I Watch You From Afar have more in common with bands like Battles & Russian Circles than they do our next band, making them one of the more inspired bookings the festival has to offer.


The Bronx – The Cave

Really, what is there to say about The Bronx in a paragraph. Everything you need to know about The Bronx can be summed up in a word: Chaos. Whether you love punk rock, rock and roll, indie or dance music, there are few bands in the world with the capacity to turn a tent into a single group of absolute lunatics at the pick of a note. With a back catalogue able to compete with absolutely any giants of the game, The Bronx are without a doubt one of the finest bands to ever grace our stages. Acting as a walking, talking melting pot of punk rock, country, hardcore and anything else you can get your hands on, this is a show those Friday & Saturday attendees are gonna be green with envy over all weekend.


Check back tomorrow for a round up of the best of Friday at 2000 Trees!

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