The Best Of 2000 Trees 2016 – Saturday

With it’s tenth year fast approaching, 2000 Trees have put together one of the finest line-ups of any UK festival this summer. But with so many great additions, how do you know which bands you must see, which bands put on the best show, which bands you need to check out before you leave Thursday morning? I’ve put together a comprehensive guide to both recommend and review the very best of the bands on the bill. Of course you’re going to see Refused, so I’ve decided to dig a little deeper for you lovely lot. So, without further ado, let’s get on with what Saturday has to offer for you all! Here are the seven most essential bands you need to check out this Saturday!


**Band Times Will Be Updated Once Made Available**


The St. Pierre Snake Invasion – Main Stage

Now, I’ll admit that until this morning I had never heard of, or seen any material from the bizarrely named St. Pierre Snake Invasion. Whilst deciding on a schedule for my Saturday, I decided to give them a quick listen to see what they were about and holy shit. Without a doubt one of the finest hidden gems on offer this weekend, The St. Pierre Snake Invasion offer straight up punk-rock with through an ever-so-slightly hardcore-tinged lense, with a vocal style reminiscent of The Dillinger Escape Plan’s Greg Puciato. Abrasive, spiteful and raw as all hell, start your Saturday with a bang. See The St. Pierre Snake Invasion.


Heck – Main Stage

Quite what Heck plan to do with a slot on a big outdoor stage is beyond my comprehension, but I cannot wait to find out. After delivering one of the best albums this year so far, Heck are sure to leave eyeballs exhausted and ensure limbs fly. Melding hardcore, schizophrenic punk rock and some of the heaviest riffs found at the festival, this is gonna be one set that’s hard to ignore. Making short work of small rooms is what they do, so what they’ll do with a field is anyone’s guess, but for a good idea of what to expect and how to deal with it, see the handy guide embedded below.


Puppy – The Axiom


In what is predominately an incredibly heavy day, Puppy & Creeper are two bands to offer some (only some) solice from the absolute beating your body should prepare to withstand. With an E.P. pulling influence out of everything from Iron Maiden to Weezer, Puppy are something of an enigma. With recently released single Entombed sounding like a Ghost single, and a brand new E.P. due this August, it seems we’re a way off from a defined sound from these boys from the capital just yet, and that’s just fine by me. Beautiful falsetto vocals, calculated lead guitar lines and some fuzzed up riffs flanking a seriously powerful rhythm section, you have very little excuse not to check out Puppy.


Creeper – Main Stage

Yet another favourite here on Tales From The Pit, you know what to expect when Creeper roll into town. Lighthearted punk rock, theatrics, a lot of purple lighting and the biggest tunes 2015 & 2016 has to offer. Goth Rock, Punk Rock, Rock And Or Roll, there’s nowhere else you could possibly be at this time of the day. Catch them before they come back and headline this thing, which judging by their frighteningly rapid rising star, will probably only be next year.


Animals As Leaders – The Cave

And so begins a run of bands in The Cave that’s sure to make absolutely anyone with any appreciation of any music salivate at the very sight. Up first, if you play an instrument, it might be best to bring the tissues if you’re gonna come check out Animals As Leaders. Originating as a solo project, guitar-wizard Tosin Abasi’s schizophrenic, mind-blowing side project sit comfortably atop a blisteringly progressive fourth album, featuring all the blips, blops and general mind-fuckery you’ve come to expect from a band brandishing Abasi’s stamp. Grab a beer and marvel at this tech-metal, prog rock, soaring instrumental powerhouse rip through technically impossible tunes for forty five minutes. You’ll find me at the front, squinting furiously at the stickwork during CAFO.


Sikth – The Cave

Continuing the trend of squinting hoplessly at brilliant musicians, the godfathers of tech-metal bring their home-grown perfection to 2000 Trees all the way from Watford. With their stunning mini-album Opacities released at the tale end of last year, the band are riding on possibly the greatest form of their entire career, and what better way to spend a Saturday evening than watching two men wrestle alter-egos to a backdrop of earth-shattering riffs, bouncing choruses and a ridiculous drummer. For those unfamiliar with the sheer genius of Sikth, think scattergun, non-stop energy coupled with some serious musical chops and you’re about a third of the way there.


While She Sleeps – The Cave

Completing our trio of pure perfection, Sheffield’s very own While She Sleeps head to 2000 Trees with one thing on their minds: riffs. Riffs, riffs, riffs, riffs, riffs. After their last record Brainwashed landed at number two on my top fifteen albums of the year last year, the band have conquered a scarily intimate U.K. tour and levelled rooms up and down the country with the help of Cancer Bats and suitably decimated Bullet For My Valentine in another instance. Pummelling, suffocating tunes, vocals pre-made in a blender and some of the finest hardcore songs to come from this country… ever, the band not only have the ability to utter destroy a room, but confidently carry second-to-none sing along choruses in their back pockets. Besides, it’s a pretty damn good way to limber up for Refused. Oh man I’ve just realised how good that’ll be. Oooooooooh….



Thanks for reading! Have a splendid weekend at 2000 Trees and I’ll see you next week for reviews, impressions and everything else I can think of!

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